what to ExpEct

Our classes combine two fitness methods giving you the perfect total body workout. Half the class (25 minutes) is on our top of the line TREADMILLS with FAST high intensity interval tread training. The other half (25 minutes) is on our brand new Lagree MEGAFORMERS with SLOW low impact / high intensity resistance based strength training.

Mega class
Mega grippy socks

How to prEparE

Not sure what to bring? We’ll make sure you’re all set up for class.

While on our treadmills we require proper running shoes for both safety and comfortability.

While on our megaformers we require GRIP SOCKS which will help you grip and stick to the machine. Grip socks are not just for safety but also for sanitary purposes. Don’t worry, we’re fully stocked with pairs in our lobby should you need a pair.

REady to show up?!

Jumping into your first group fitness class at any new studio can be overwhelming, that’s why our team will dedicate their pre-class time to making sure you know everything you need to know.

We ask that any new clients arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of your scheduled class. This way, you have plenty of time to get a studio tour, machine safety demonstration, and get settled into your starting side!

Group picture of Mega team members


Please visit our FAQ Page where you will find many your questions answered. You can also call or email us at any of our studio locations and we would be happy to answer anything on your mind. We can’t wait to shake, sprint, sweat, and smile with you!

Kyra + The Team